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Chromavis, a leading company in the cosmetic contract-manufacturing sector, continues its growth with a new ambitious project: the construction of a headquarter that will gather in a single establishment all current productive sites and offices from Vaiano Cremasco, Chieve and Crespiatica. The new reality will be born in the nearby town of Offanengo in an area of 100.000 m2 where a productive settlement of approximately 50.000 m2 will be built: at the base of this operation, there is an important economic investment, totally self-financed by the Group itself.

“A truly Hub of Innovation will come to life, a “laboratory of ideas” where creativity, research and avant-garde technologies  will count on a strong “productive machine” based on principles of modularity, flexibility and high-qualitative standards. An establishment thought on the percepts of sustainability, where nature will become the true protagonist of its surroundings, a pleasant place for both our employees and our clients, but also thought on the basis and principles of an Industry 4.0. Offanengo has been the final choice thanks to the interest, commitment and willingness of its Major Gianni Rossoni and his Administration and also thanks to the Town’s regulatory attractions, it has demonstrated to be a very active and proactive Town with which to develop an interesting welfare program for our employees. The authorizing process launched with a deposit of an urbanistic plan oriented to assure the perfect viability near the future establishment. Chromavis’ purpose is to duplicate the actual turnover within 2020, the year expected to complete both construction and whole relocation of the entire facility: for that, not only numbers will grow, but also people will become an essential resource for the achievement of the project” (Fabrizio Buscaini – CEO Chromavis). The Major Gianni Rossoni himself has also stated that, “there will be many benefits for the local community, such as new job opportunities, growth of local businesses and improvement of viability, thanks also to welfare projects oriented to the reconciliation of work and family life for Chromavis employees in the territory”.