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On July 2nd 2018 the Top Management of Chromavis has presented during the “Discovering our New Era” event the project of the New Headquarter, together with the first extraordinary images of the new building.
Conceptually developed by Chromavis with EBA Engineering of Crema, it is an architectural project unprecedented in this sector that coherently represents the character of a Company that is definitively future-driven, in constant expansion and increasingly projected towards creativity and innovation. The new Headquarter marks the start of a New Era for Chromavis, made of growth, creativity and well-being.  

During the event, Fabrizio Buscaini (Chromavis CEO) has explained that the main goal of this “New Era” is to become the first Global Player and one of the best companies for both employees and clients.  “We aim to break beauty boundaries” this is the actual Vision of Chromavis that perfectly represents the impact that the Company wants to bring into the cosmetic market.

The project is impressive: an outstanding 3D video has shown the first images of the building, inside and around the grandiose black mineral. An extraordinary place, surrounded by nature where light will feature in all the areas including those of production. The objective is to create a healthy, pleasant and safe workplace that will allow faster and flexible processes, completely customizable on client needs. It will bring together the two great souls of the Company: expert artisanal creativity and the impressive industrial machine. A laboratory of ideas that will produce in a very short time every type of product, managing them from the conception to the launch on the market.                                  
An extraordinary place where it will be a pleasure for everybody to work, increasing commitment from employees.

The “art” of Chromavis is the ability to transform ideas into successfully products.  And this is possible only thanks to an accurate knowledge of consumer, a creative vision, a strong attention to details, a solid industrial power, flexibility, constant evolution and quality.

Fabrizio Buscaini has also underlined that this project could not have been possible without the important economic investment of Fareva, one of the biggest of the Group. Work on the site started in May, by the end of 2019 the plant will be completed and it will be active by January 2020.

Passion, commitment, focus, search of perfection, tenacity, ideas, value and confidence are the drivers that will bring Chromavis to win in the future.